The Sanctuary and COVID-19

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Check this page for the latest information on all things Sanctuary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

from the COVID-19 Safety Committee

Please respect the Governor’s order by using a facial covering inside the church.

Please keep 6-foot distances between parties inside the church.

For now, please refrain from eating and drinking inside the Sanctuary.

Modified Communion is still served at every service.

Our COVID-19 Safety Committee is sanitizing the building prior to services in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines.

We ask for your help with abiding by these guidelines so we can remain open for in-person services. If you feel you have been in the church while infected with Covid-19 please inform Dr. Kruger with when that might have been. Your medical information is kept in the strictest of confidence. If you desire antibody testing please contact Dr. Kruger .

Our hope is to create the safest worship environment and to show love and compassion for each other, from our most comfortable to our most vulnerable.

Your empathy and grace towards us, and all of those we have a duty to protect, is greatly appreciated!

The live stream of our Sunday morning service on Facebook at 10am will continue and we will post the service later in the afternoon on Sunday on our website.

We are working to restore children’s and youth ministries during the Sunday service time. More information will be coming on that shortly.


Thank you from the COVID-19 Safety Committee

Dr. Marisa Kruger and Susan Hiett


If you have concerns or questions about policy and procedure, please contact Marisa directly: .


You can watch our Sunday services live on Facebook, or you can watch the full service later on either Facebook or YouTube.

We will continue to post and share the sermon video, transcript, and summary each week. Note that the sermon videos contain only the sermon, so if you want the full service (including music, prayer, and announcements), use one of the options below.

Watch Live on Facebook

Sunday at 10am MDT

Access our livestream on our Facebook page: Not on Facebook? Click here to learn how to sign up.

Watch Later on Facebook

Sunday after 10am MDT

The livestream video will still be available to view even after the service is over. Scroll down until you see a post that says, “The Sanctuary Denver was live” and click to play the video.

Watch Later on YouTube

Sunday by 7pm MDT

If you don’t want to do the Facebook thing, we will be posting the video of the entire service on YouTube ( by Sunday evening at 7pm MDT.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media

Did you know that you have access to RightNow Media, the Netflix of Christian Bible studies?* Hundreds of videos accessible from home for small groups, individuals, and families. Check it out using this link:

*Like the real Netflix, content on RightNow runs the gamut from outstanding to offensive. Something to keep in mind as you browse. Unlike the real Netflix, if someone invites you to “RightNow and chill,” they probably just want to hang out and watch videos. (If you don’t get that joke, ask a Millenial.)

Paddling Through the Pandemic

Wednesdays · 6–7pm · on Zoom

I am the Lord. I will save you. You will no longer be slaves of the Egyptians. I will use my great power to make you free… You will be my people and I will be your God.

—Exodus 6:6-7 ERV

From Pandemic Struggle to Pandemic Hope: Finding God in Strange Places
A Zoom Class with Frances Forgione

9/09 · Pandemic Depression
9/16 · Pandemic Anxiety ⇦ NEXT CLASS
9/23 · Pandemic Trauma
9/30 · Pandemic Grief & Loss
10/07 · Pandemic Substance Abuse
10/14 · Pandemic Relational Conflict to Connection

For an invite, email 

Adventure Kids at Home

Adventure Kids at Home

Adventure Kids is alive and well! On Sunday morning just grab your kids a nice snack and a warm drink and open up the Sanctuary Facebook page ( for part 1 and 2 of the Adventure kids class. It will be posted by 10am so they can watch while you view the service. Or they can watch the video after viewing the main service livestream. There will be a song and a story.

Check out previous Adventure Kids at Home videos on Facebook.


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