The Sanctuary and COVID-19

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Check this page for the latest information on all things Sanctuary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A letter from Peter

May 29, 2020

Dear Sanctuary,

I had hoped we’d be able to open this weekend, but after a very insightful meeting of our board Tuesday night and listening to state and local officials, we’ve decided to take a variety of precautions and aim for a downtown opening on June 14th.

Life is always a risk, at least from our perspective, although even in death—perhaps especially in death—God is keeping us quite safe. Yet, having said that, we are to love each other to the best of our ability with the knowledge we have. That’s what this whole thing is about; this age, our confusing world, is about learning to love. We must learn to love no matter what path we happen to be walking.

There is a cost to decreasing “social distancing”—we endanger some of those that most need our protection; already over 100,000 have died in the United States. There is also a cost to “social distancing.” I have no funerals scheduled for any that have succumbed to COVID-19, however I do have one scheduled that I believe can be attributed to the effects of “social distancing.” As I was saying, there are no routes that do not involve “risk” (at least from our perspective), danger and sacrifice, and that’s good, for without risk danger and sacrifice we wouldn’t learn faith, hope, and love. But with faith, hope, and love we seek to choose the best route for everyone.

I’m grateful for a marvelous board that helps us determine that route. Tuesday night we determined that our best path forward would be to aim for a June 14th opening with time to take the following steps. So:

  • We have designated a committee, to be chaired by our Business Administrator, Dee Dee Reinke, to oversee best procedures while reopening public worship during the pandemic.
  • Our Committee, in conjunction with myself, will create a list of expectations for people attending services, including guidelines for masks, social distancing, and partaking in communion.
  • We will continue to livestream services and encourage those most at risk to participate from home.
  • We will suspend corporate children’s ministry on Sunday morning during the service and look for other means of connecting until gatherings are deemed “safe.”
  • We will trust that God is sovereign. Fear doesn’t save; God saves.
  • We will ask you to answer the questions in the survey linked below, for we want to function as a body realizing that our Lord is speaking to each and every member.

So, get to it, would ya? Read this note from Dee Dee and then, take the survey.

Love you all,



Hello. I am Dee Dee Reinke, the Business Administrator and Facility Manager for The Sanctuary and now newly appointed COVID-19 Safety Committee Chairperson. We are hoping to create the safest environment that we can to be able to restart our community services. In all things, we hope to love each other well and show God’s grace to each other. We will be investigating and discussing best procedures on an ongoing basis. So far, we anticipate taking the following measures:

  • Ask that people attending church services wear masks to protect others, particularly our most vulnerable population. We will have disposable masks available if needed. This is a request from the City and County of Denver, where the building resides.
  • The downtown building will be sanitized prior to services.
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves will be available.
  • There will be signs on the floor and notices about chair spacing for six-foot physical distancing. Of course, families/couples can sit together.
  • There will be changes in the way that we serve communion.

Thank you in advance for your grace, patience, and prayers. We need them during this confusing time!

Thank you,

Dee Dee

Church Reopening Survey



During the COVID-19 pandemic, all our services will be online only. You can watch each service live on Facebook, or you can watch the full service later on either Facebook or YouTube.

We will continue to post and share the sermon video, transcript, and summary each week. Note that the sermon videos contain only the sermon, so if you want the full service (including music, prayer, and announcements), use one of the options below.

Watch Live on Facebook

Sunday at 10am MDT

Access our livestream on our Facebook page: Not on Facebook? Click here to learn how to sign up.

Watch Later on Facebook

Sunday after 10am MDT

The livestream video will still be available to view even after the service is over. Scroll down until you see a post that says, “The Sanctuary Denver was live” and click to play the video.

Watch Later on YouTube

Sunday by 7pm MDT

If you don’t want to do the Facebook thing, we will be posting the video of the entire service on YouTube ( by Sunday evening at 7pm MDT. We will also update the table below with YouTube links as those services are posted.

Date Message Watch on Facebook Watch on YouTube
03/29 My Favorite Swear Word
Peter Hiett
Full Service Full Service
04/05 Palm Sunday
It’s Sunday, but Friday’s Coming
Karl Wheeler
Full Service  — 
04/10 Good Friday Reading and Devotional
The Seven Last Words From the Cross
Peter Hiett
Full Service Full Service
04/12 Easter Sunday
The End of Social Distancing
Peter Hiett
Full Service Full Service
04/19 The Point (of Every Wound)
Matthew 5:38-48
Peter Hiett
Full Service Full Service
04/26 My Last Breath: A Post Mortem on Easter

Karl Wheeler

Full Service Full Service
05/03 Perfection (and Infinite Neurosis)
Matthew 5:43-48
Peter Hiett
Full Service Full Service
05/10 Discipline to Dance
Matthew 6:1-6,16-18
Peter Hiett
Full Service Full Service
05/17 Developing Love
Ephesians 2:1-7
Joe Burnham
Full Service Full Service
05/24 How to Pray (The Holy Name)
Matthew 6:5-13
Peter Hiett
Live at 10am MDT Full Service
05/31 The Father’s Unforgivable Sin
Matthew 6:9-15
Peter Hiett
Live at 10am MDT  — 

Zoom Classes and Events

Zoom classes/events

Zoom is a great app for online meetings. Sign up for a free account on Email the class or event leader to let them know you’re interested in attending and they will send you an invitation to join the meeting.

Stay-at-Home Potluck Social Hours on Zoom with Peter Hiett and Frances Forgione

Please join us on Zoom and bring your own food to eat in your own home! We only have one session left:

Sanctuary Denver (option 2)
Thursday June 4th · 6:30pm


During these social hours we will:

Have each person introduce themselves and have 1 minute for sharing whatever you want about your life and a prayer request; a time for questions, comments or ideas about staying connected and close with a prayer time together.

If you'd like to sign up, send your email to so that we can invite you.


Summer Zoom Group: Relationships & Ramblings! with Karl Wheeler

Wednesdays starting June 3 · 6-7pm on Zoom

  1. Is Spirituality the New Rebellion?
  2. Live Bait, Artificial Lures, and The Problem of Fishing for People
  3. Is it Better to Be Right or Kind?
  4. A Good Time to Lie and Moral Conundrums
  5. Community vs. Connection
  6. Bumper Sticker Faith

Email for an invite.


Christ-Mindfulness Zoom Video Class

Wednesdays · 1:00pm on Zoom

Join us for a class that focuses on staying connected to the mind of Christ and living in the present moment. This is a great class for staying grounded in the midst of anxiety with all the stress in the world right now. Practical exercises, Scripture, Meditation. Send Frances your email to sign up: .

Adventure Kids at Home

Adventure Kids at Home

Adventure Kids is alive and well! On Sunday morning just grab your kids a nice snack and a warm drink and open up the Sanctuary Facebook page ( for part 1 and 2 of the Adventure kids class. It will be posted by 10am so they can watch while you view the service. Or they can watch the video after viewing the main service livestream. There will be a song and a story.

Check out previous Adventure Kids at Home videos on Facebook.


Coffee Talk

Saturdays in April and May · 10am on Zoom

Parenting is difficult even when there is no quarantine. Parents, join us at 10am for a Zoom coffee time to chat about the challenges of parenting. We will briefly introduce a topic and then we can talk about it together or any other topic that you all might bring. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect and get some fuel for our parenting. Email Angie () and she will send you a link inviting you to our meeting on Saturday morning. Then get your coffee, make yourself comfortable and join in!

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